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We've been in church leadership for over 20 years. We've had many wonderful experiences in the ministry. We've met some fabulous people and seen the Lord do some amazing things in the lives of others, both Christians and unbelievers. We've also learned a number of different things - the most important of which we learned through difficult situations, painful trials, and making our share of mistakes. In short - through "the school of hard knocks".

The Condor

I saw a post on Facebook that was emotional, moving, and very inspirational.  It included a video of a condor that was being released into the wild.  The video in the post now has over 19 million views and says the bird had lived for years in a zoo.  It was unclear as to why it was in the zoo, but the release back into the environment in which it had been created to live was awe-inspiring.

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From World to Wilderness to Promise

Much of the emphasis in the modern church world has to do with avoiding the snares of the world, and well it should be! If we love the world, or the things of the world, we simply cannot serve Jesus.

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Ministry or People?

27 Jul, 2018 For Leaders Dave Alei

While we were living in Sonora, Mexico, I had an experience that illustrates one of the most discouraging things I encounter throughout the Body of Christ in the western world today.

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