Missions Ethos

Lifeline is a ministry with a missions emphasis!  We believe Jesus gave the Church collectively a CO-mission in Matthew 28:19, which is often referred to as The Great Commission. "Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations..."

This involves a commitment to reach out, first and foremost.  It is the product of an attitude that pastor and author Miles Munroe of the Bahamas has termed “getting in the go”.  It describes a mindset of outward-focus on the needs of others, and availability to be a vessel through whom Jesus can minister to the lost, the troubled and the hurting  - wherever they may be.  It describes one who is not only willing to pray for others, but also willing to share themselves with others in a selfless way. In short - a laying down of one's own life for his fellow man (John 15:13; 1 John 3:16).

The commission given by Jesus to the Church involves secondly a commitment to teach and disciple others.  This means a great deal more than verbally espousing correct doctrine to new believers and instructing them with proper exegesis.  It means living the truth, leading by example, and allowing the character and nature of Jesus Christ to be demonstrated through our lives.

Finally, the Great Commission involves following in the footsteps of Jesus with a willingness to give ourselves for people of all nations (or people groups).  We recognize that God has not called all of us to travel the world.  But we also recognize that many in the Church simply refuse to hear a call beyond the four walls of their own local church because it requires leaving their comfort zones and entering the unknown.  Because of passivity, fear, ignorance, or simple selfishness, many are simply not willing.  One of our goals is to foster a greater missions vision within the western church and to lead others “into the go” through our own lives and example.

Because we believe so strongly in the mission of the Church to touch the lives of our communites, we encourage every believer to prepare him/herself by participating in or organizing at least one short term missions trip in his lifetime. It will revolutionize the way you think about our relationship with Jesus and His with us!