The General Vision of Lifeline Ministries

We have a vision to see the lost and hurting touched and transformed by the love of God.  The Lord frequently uses us to minister healing and wholeness, and to help others to become the men and women of destiny that He created them to be.  We desire to see the Church united and working together for the common purpose of blessing our communities and surrounding regions.  So often we talk about the love of God but never make room for Him to demonstrate it to others through our own lives. We also have a passion to see God's people experience new levels of intimacy with Jesus and become those who worship the Father in Spirit and in truth (John 4:24).  We long to see the release of individuals in their giftings and callings, fulfilling the plan God has for their lives as He does His work of cleansing, maturing and establishing in their lives.  We yearn to see the Church transformed by the renewing of her mind, released from the bonds of tradition, institutionalism and religiosity. We have a vision to see the Church trusting fully in the Lord, walking in the power of the Holy Spirit, and being the agent of miraculous change that Jesus intends for His Bride to be!  A fulfillment of this vision necessitates a change in the way we as the Body of Christ think about many things.  For more about this, see our ministry philosophy.  We are committed to doing our small part to foster and facilitate such a change in thinking within the international Church community, and are passionately devoted to helping usher in a NEW REFORMATION in the modern day Church.

We can summarize our focus and objectives as follows:

  • To lift up Jesus and encourage a focus on Him
  • To touch a lost and dying world with His love
  • To facilitate healing and restoration to those who are wounded or oppressed
  • To train and equip the Body of Christ for the work of the ministry
  • To catalyze the release of divine revelation within the Body of Christ
  • To impact nations with the life and power of a mighty God
  • To raise up worldchangers
  • To embrace and facilitate reformation within the Church at large